Social factors as the catalyst of emigration


The objective of the study is to address the factors contributing to emigration from Latvia, in particular by highlighting the importance of social factors in the emigration decision, using the theory of push and pull factors of migration as a theoretical basis. The role of the family and the desire to improve not only the economical, but also the social and psychological conditions of families are important factors in the decision-making process, while maintaining links with Latvia. The authors argue that social factors are essential to the migration decision alongside economic factors, and in particular the family situation. The family is a resource that helps to settle in the new country of residence. The family relationship is addressed in terms of both «ontological security» and a feeling of «social anchoring». The family remains important in maintaining links with relatives in Latvia.


Atsauce: Pranka M., Elksne G., Koroļeva I., (2022) Social factors as the catalyst of emigration, SHS Web of Conferences 131, 01001